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About Us

What is Enfield Development Group (EDG)? 


The Enfield Development Group (EDG) is a group of enthusiastic, dedicated multi-skilled local volunteers drawn from across the community, committed to making Enfield a great place to live.

Since forming in 2016 we have worked tirelessly to achieve our aims of securing community facilities and amenities for Enfield to enhance our local community. Along with a wide variety of community projects throughout the town, we were instrumental in the Meath County Council’s recent decision to establish an Enterprise and Community Hub in the old ESB building. While hugely proud of this achievement we recognise that with more than half of the space in this one-story build being utilised by the Enterprise Hub, we are also on the middle of regenerating the Parish Hall in the community, providing much larger meeting rooms and spaces for local groups.

Our Vision

Improve Our Town, Strengthen Our Community.

Our Purpose

To improve the quality of life for all people in the community of Enfield through community based activities and initiatives and to secure the establishment, management and maintenance of multi-purpose community facilities in the interests of social welfare and inclusion, education, recreation and leisure time occupation.

Mission Statement

Enfield Development Group is a volunteer led group whose mission is to secure the establishment and management of facilities and engage with other local groups to enhance our thriving community.


The EDG is a non-sectarian, non party political representative party with membership open to any person in the Enfield area willing to abide by the Rules of the group without regard to gender, race, nationality, disability, sexual preference, religion or belief.  The EDG will carry out any activities or initiatives with Respect, Trust, Transparency, Fairness, Inclusiveness, Integrity and Community Spirit.


In the last 20 years Enfield has changed from a small, rural village of just over 500 people to a busy commuter town, with a population that is now over 5000 people! Our proximity to Dublin, good transport links and more affordable housing makes Enfield an attractive destination for many young couples and families.

Our Challenge

With such a significant influx of new residents to Enfield allied with a high percentage of commuters, there is a real danger that Enfield will become a dormitory town lacking a cohesive community spirit where incoming residents do not feel connected to their new location and lack a sense of belonging. Compounding this, has been the historic lack of community infrastructure outside of a few vibrant local sports clubs.

Our Team

Chairperson & Director

Joe Morris

Secretary & Director

Angela Cameron


John Conroy

Our directors, committee members and event volunteers make up the Enfield Development Group

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