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What Is EDG Arts?

The EDG Arts Group is a branch of the Enfield Development Group that is focused on developing a wide range of vibrant and engaging creative events and activities with the community of Enfield.

This is a growing community arts organisation where our need for space and facilities to share in the practice of creating art/crafts/ drama/music/ literature for all is a priority.


The EDG Arts was newly formed in June 2023 we are working towards our goals of developing a range of activities with residents of Enfield and encouraging creativity in our community


Bringing creative events to Enfield


We are developing a rich and diverse programme of events which aims to cater for all interested residents living locally, Visual arts, Music, Craft, Drama and Creative writing all under the one umbrella of EDG arts. We hope to build a diverse creative community in Enfield.


If you have an interest in getting involved in any way, please get in touch You may have an interest in the arts but may not be working in an artistic field. Funding applications will form a substantial part of the remit to get activities in place. 

We are particularly interested in developing an artist community and are currently looking for a space to meet.

Below are some of the types of art activity we are currently looking at running.

At the end of the page, we have short survey to help us understand where the creative interests of the residents of Enfield and surrounds lie.

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-02 at 14_edited.jpg

Tir- Amisiu Community Choir

Did you know Enfield has a Community Choir?
Interested in knowing more, or popping down for a free taster session on a Thursday evening?
Click below.


Come together and encourage CREATIVITY TO FLOURISH

Art Mediums


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