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Septembers Social Series

Updated: Feb 2

Welcome back to the EDG Arts Blog.

In September we welcomed back some of the friends we made in the first Social series and said hello to new friends.

Once again lots of new techniques we learned, honed and improved upon and I think it was safe to say that everyone involved in our 2nd installment of the Social Series had a great time.

Cian from Blast Music Academy also introduced members of our local community to the joys of the Ukulele which I think, it's safe to say, they thoroughly enjoyed. Many from the first beginners course returned to do the intermediate course through Blast Academy and rave about the class.

Again we extend our thanks to Clodagh the lovely proprietor of BlackDog Coffee and Nick in The Midland Bar for their generosity in allowing us to use their spaces.

In September our social series focused on tones by using acrylic paints that involved mixing white and black paint with other colours to create different tones. To lighten colours, adding small amounts of white paint and for darker tones, adding small amounts of black. We focused on deepening our understanding of how to create tone through free hand observational drawing looking at light and shade, then using the techniques taught from the classes to create wonderful paintings of fruit and vegetables.

Check out the video on what we did over the 4 weeks with the amazing members of the Social Series

See you all next week.

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