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A Lidl bit of love for Enfield?

*** Planning applications Approved ***

Planning Application ref 22/1177 has been granted.

The application is for a supermarket.

In another residential planning application by the same developer, it says this will be a LIDL supermarket.

It's located in the land off the roundabout, Dublin side of the town. (Map below from planning documents).

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1 Comment

Although this planning application was received and approved, an objection has been made it seems (from someone from Navan).

EDG would like to gather some feedback from the local community on their shopping habits and their views on another supermarket being established in the town. Please complete this short survey below if you have a minute.

A large number of residents anecdotally say that they do their 'big shop' each week in neighbouring towns already, with local retail used for 'top ups' during the week.

This poll aims to help quantify the number of people who currently do their main shop elsewhere, vs those who shop in Enfield mainly already. It also hopes to capture resident's feelings on another…

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