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Adult Art Classes

As some of you may be aware we have introduced a new branch under the EDG umbrella. The New group is EDG Arts and we are currently running what we like to call The Social Series. The Social Series is based around the social aspect of the Arts. We are currently running our second Art Series classes and are partway through our first, but not last, Music series which is focusing on learning how to play the Ukelele.

The Social Series is centered around creative activities that will further your knowledge or teach you a new skill such as how to play a music instrument, learn about different art techniques, drama, creative thinking, such as writing, Slam Poetry and crafting such as Knitting, crochet and needle work, but this is not the full list of Series events that we want to run.

These Social Series events will allow you to get to know other members of your community and help build friendships while breaking down barriers between ages, cultures or even helping people overcome social awkwardness through art, we are a fully inclusive environment and a safe space.

You don't have to be a master at anything that you attend, we just ask you to bring yourself, a smile and a willingness to learn, we will do the rest!

Here are some of the examples of the art that has been produced from the 1st Social Series with the guidance of our Art Teacher and Co-Founder Andrea.

Keep your eye out for the next installment of our 2nd art class and what was produced.


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