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Embracing Winter's Blanket - Social Series Day session - December 2023

As I drew back the curtains and gazed out the window, the world had been transformed into a winter wonderland.

Yeah, snow! so I thought, since I haven't posted a blog for the last few weeks and I had the Wreathing making class video to post from last year, the snow arriving gave me the perfect opportunity to post it without feeling bad - for 1 day there was a Christmassy, winter type vibe! So here you go!


In the last EDG Newsletter our editor Ciara launched the Photography Competition

Photography Competition

One of our future aspirations is to start a local photography group. While we aren’t yet able to do this, we thought it would be a great newsletter segment. Send us your photographs through the link below to enter and one winner will be featured in the next newsletter.

We would also love to be able to feature your photo's on the Enfield Development social media pages and website so get snapping folks you can send photos to

Here are a couple of Photo's both Ciara and myself took last week incase you missed the snow!

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