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Enfield Community Hall Update May 2024

For the past history of the Community Hall project, please see our background post here:

Reminder: The vision is to transform the Hall into a modern, attractive, vibrant, multi-functional space able to support music, arts, sports and culture for the benefit of the entire community, young and old, thus providing Enfield with the flexible, community space urgently required to meet the needs of this diverse, growing town.

In May 2024, EDG Chairperson Joe and Treasurer Angela (who is also one of the original founders of EDG and been instrumental in getting this project to it's current phase) met with architect Patrick Gilsenan from PG Architects (who has been the main architect behind this renovation) to finalise the design before it goes to Meath County Council's Procurement team for tender.

As of time of writing, if all goes according to plan, the tender to complete the entire renovation to bring the building from it's current state to being open to the public, should be live before the end of the summer.

Stay tuned for more updates as they happen!

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