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Town Centre First Consultation for Enfield

What is the Town Centre First (TCF) Draft Plan that was launched on Saturday 2nd September 2023 at the Hub in Enfield and why is it important?


Over the next 3 weeks, YOU have the ability to influence the future of the town you choose to call home.


 One town in every county was selected for the new Government Town Centre First Initiative which aims to create town centres that function as viable, vibrant and attractive locations for people to live, work and visit, while also functioning as the service, social, cultural and recreational hub for the local community. 

Enfield is the town selected in Co Meath.


Meath Co Co got funding to appoint a consultancy firm (Paul Hogarth Group). The consultants did an initial survey of the town and a public consultation back in July 22. There was then a bit of a delay waiting on more info from the Dept on the TCF process, and for the council to appoint a Town Regeneration Officer. 

In June 23 the Enfield Town Team (TT) was formed with membership from local residents, groups and businesses.  The TT have spent the Summer working with the consultants and Meath Co Co, going through the results of the initial survey and developing a series of projects that we believe will improve the town and specifically the Town Centre area. 

This is the DRAFT PLAN was launched on Saturday.  

These projects are high level 'concept' type projects, and what is really needed from Enfield residents is to look at the plan, consider these projects and decide if this is how you would like to see the town develop.  In most cases the projects don't contain specifics, for example one is to make the Main street more pedestrian and cycle friendly with improved traffic management, but it doesn't specify how exactly that will be achieved, as that will require specific expertise and in depth analysis to design. But if the majority of people indicate their support for it, then the Council and TT can go look for funding to make it happen.    


The Government has indicated that there will be funding made available to progress projects that come out of the TCF process. 


Obviously not everything can be done at once, BUT at least we will have a framework and plan to work towards, that already has the public's support, which should make it easier to access funding.

So what do we do now?


PLEASE, PLEASE do engage with this process.  What projects do you like, not like? What do you feel is missing?  What needs to be tweaked? What specifically do you want to see and where?  View the draft plan on Meath County Council's website (This link will open in a new page), and use the online feedback form to share your opinion, feedback and thoughts.

All the submissions to the Draft Plan will be reviewed and assessed before the Final Plan is published.  While we cannot say that everything will be possible, it is far more likely to happen if it is contained in the TCF plan, so this is YOUR opportunity to get YOUR opinions and ideas across, and influence how Enfield develops into the future. 


At the launch of this 3 week process on Saturday 2nd September, members of the Town Team fielded lots of great questions from residents who had great questions, concerns, and ideas about the future of the town. The EDG (who had some reps in attendance) have compiled as many of the recurring questions as possible below so you can review.


What is the best way to vote for a project?

Does this mean no Park and ride for the old esb hub?

Is there any money behind this or is it all aspirational?

Is the Main Street becoming pedestrian only?

Is the community centre going to be used at all as part of this or will it be demolished?

Could Enfield become an Autism friendly town like Maynooth? Could this be incorporated in TCF?

I don’t agree with something on the draft plan - how do I let my feeling be known

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