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November's Social Series

Welcome back to the 3rd installment of the Arts Social Series Blog.

I will be continuing on with what we did last year, for the November'sSocial Series we did a print course that was taught by the lovely Andrea our resident art teacher. Again we focused on natural resources, recycling and reusing mediums that would otherwise be thrown away.

Each course focuses on how we can learn and create using everyday items and how things can be created from the most unusual resources. I am constantly amazed at how imaginative Andrea is in these classes.

Pieces of art, cards, wrapping paper and ornaments were created using leaves, plants and recycling cardboard and other surprising articles, watch the video and see if you can spot what I'm talking about!

Some of the materials would have otherwise been discarded but the materials were turned into printing blocks and stencils. From repurposing old plastic containers to using reclaimed wood etc, these courses highlight the potential of everyday items to become tools for artistic expression.

The course was fused with the beauty of nature and recycled materials. Andrea guided the group in creating collage prints. By incorporating elements like dried leaves, twigs, and recycled paper, to produce visually stunning prints that not only promoted relaxation, enjoyment and beauty but also told a story of sustainability and environmental awareness in a sociable setting.

Have a look at what we got up to in our print class below.

Social Series November playlist

Each class is paired with the gentle ebb and flow of relaxing music. You can listen through the link below.

Next week we'll be looking at the wreath making class we did to close out 2023 in the day class we put on.

Coming Soon

Wonderful Ciara will be releasing a newsletter to keep everyone abreast of what's to come in Enfield and further afield soon. If you would like to sign up for the newsletter use the link or QR Code below:


Once again our thanks to Clodagh in BlackDog coffee. The best reception awaits you and your pooch coupled with really good coffee and chats.

Enjoy your week ahead


“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible!'” — Audrey Hepburn

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