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Busy Buses

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

During the summer, as part of the Town Centre First discussions, we became aware of the impression held in some administrative circles that the bus stops outside Streetside and Supervalu never had more than one bus at a time at them. Also, that they did not contribute whatsoever to traffic congestion.

And that, by extension, adding a park and ride nearby to facilitate more buses using the route in future at these locations would not cause any traffic issues.

That sounded like a job for... well, literally anyone with a smartphone!

So, here is a sample of where people submitted photos of just one bus at the bus stops. The other buses pictured don't count. :)

24th August snapshot. (There is only 1 bus in this photo).

26th August - Again, the bus this contributor was sitting on doesn't exist as there is obviously another Bus Eireann bus at the stop already.

28th August. Again, only 1 bus in this photo. The other one isn't there. (For the safety conscious among you, you'll notice it was the passenger in the car who took the photo!)

29th August.

Again, only one bus in this photo. The other one is obviously a reflection.

30th August. This contributor, not going to be outdone took a video.

Same day, but just one bus at the bus stop. The green one is a mirage and is not blocking traffic.

Lovely montage of images showing only one bus at the bus stop, with no traffic problems. (Unfortunately there is no exact date on them, apart from being taken in August 2023).

7th September. Only one bus at the bus stop again.

While it is fun to frame the bus stop use as 'phantom buses' or they don't exist - it does however highlight the need for ADDITIONAL bus stops in Enfield, to service the residents better. Part of the strategy to encourage more public transport, walking and cycling on shorter journeys can be met by re-spreading the services on the main street. (Not just shifting an existing problem to another part of our linear - and lengthening- community! :) )

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