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No news, is... news... (Update on new supermarket planning appeals)

A picture paints a thousand words. :)

Long overdue update on this item.

Back in June, EDG, among others, submitted observations on the new planning applicaton for a possible supermarket off of the Kilcock roundabout. Before submitting it, we conducted our 'Big Shop Poll', which was to get a fair reflection on how much/little, this would impact existing shops in the town, as well as to get an idea of the unecessary trips people take purely to do their 'big shop' every week or month. You can read the results of that here.

The submission was made in support of the planned supermarket as it would be of benefit to the town residents - which was backed up by our poll. We got a letter in early September saying that the appeal would be heard in December 6th (so, we decided to wait till then to update everyone).

We then recieved a letter last week (copy of it above) to say that it has again been delayed, and will now be determined as soon as practicable. (Which means that neither we, nor ABP actually can know when it will be dertermined.)

So, we'll all know, when we know! If you know what I mean. :)

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